Our Referral Program enables us to reward individuals and businesses who promote ItsMyCall as the best place to advertise Australian based contact centre jobs. The program itself is pretty simple:

  • To help you encourage a call centre to advertise roles on ItsMyCall you'll receive an exclusive coupon code that will activate a percentage discount off all job purchases for a period of time (e.g. 10% off all purchases for 12 months) to anyone you give the exclusive code to. The call centre just needs to enter the code once when they register with us for the first time.
  • To thank you, you will get a percentage of the total spend used with that coupon code (e.g. 5% of all revenue generated by your exclusive code for the first 12 months!).

The finer details:

  • Only one Referral Code is allowed per organisation when they register (so make sure you get in quickly and let them know so they use yours when they register with us!).
  • The percentage discount applies to all jobs and jobs packages available on our website.
  • Your percentage is calculated off their total spend (after any discounts have been applied) and is paid quarterly.

Click here to apply for your exclusive Referral Code

Or for more information please visit the ItsMyCall Support Centre for a range of Frequently Asked Questions etc.